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Q: What was Robert the bruces mum called?
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What was Robert the Bruces horse called?


What is Robert the Bruce's mum called?

Robert the Bruce's mum was named Marjorie

Did Robert The Bruce have any interests or hobbies?

what was robert the bruces hobbies or what did he do in his spare time

What is Robert pattinsion mum called?

Robert pattersons mom is called Clare hope this has helped you

What is Robert Pattinson's mum called?

Clare Pattinson

What was Robert falcon Scott mum called?

Captain Scott's mum's name was Hannah Scott.

Who was Tom Daleys mum and dad called?

His mum's name is Debbie Daley and his dad's name was Robert Daley

What are Niall Horans family members called?

His mum is called Maura, a dad called Robert(Bobby), a cat, and an older brother called Greg.His mum and dad are separated.

When was The War of the Bruces created?

The War of the Bruces was created in 2001-12.

Who was Robert's mum and dad's mum and dad?

family guy

Who was Robert Bunsen's mum?

Acording to Robert W Bunsens mother is called Quensel. From Afia (age 11)

Who are Niall Horans family members?

He has a mum called Maura A dad called Robert. (bobby) A cat And a older brother called Greg His parents are separated