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sania lathan was his love interest

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"Q" was his nickname.

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Q: What was Omar epps nickname in love and basketball?
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Who played Quincy in love and basketball?

Omar Epps

Was the little girl at the end of love and basketball Omar epps and sanaa lathans child?


Who are the main characters in love in basketball?

Monica Wright played by Sanaa Lathan and Quincy "Q" McCall played by Omar Epps

Was sanaa lathan in love with Omar Epps?


What are some famous movies that Omar Epps has been a part of?

Omar Epps has been in a number of famous movies, with the most recognizable perhaps being Scream 2 and Juice. He also starred in other well known films such as Against the Ropes, Love & Basketball, and Major League 2.

Who do gabrielle union play in love and basketball?

She played a girl named Shawnie Easton. She wasn't a main character she was just the girl that Quincy (Omar Epps) took to the spring dance.

Is Omar Epps married to Sanaa Lathan and do they have children together?

Omar Epps is married to Keisha Spivey since 2006. They live in California with daughter K'marie and son Amir. Sanaa Lathan just appeared as Epps' on-screen romance in the movie Love and Basketball. They werent just a on-screen romance, they were together for three after that movie and were engaged at one point but never got married,and they do have one child together.

In the movie Love and Basketball what is Monica's nickname for Quincy?

Big head

Is Sanaa Lathan married to Omar Epps?

AnswerThey was together for three years before epps broke up with her and got back with the mother of his child keisha from the group total.WRONGNo this is incorrect. He had a daughter previously. They were together for quite some time and he cheated. They broke up. Not sure if Kiesha is the cause but he is married now and Sanaa has a great life!

How long did it take to film the movie love and basketball?

well according to wikipedia they started filming in august of 1999 and was done filming in october of 1999. so it took about 2 months . but they still have to edit the movie (cut scenes,include music to certain scenes,and so on. im guessing it took about 6 months to edit m . themovie was released april 21st 2000 .and yes sanaa lathan and omar epps (monica and quincy) dated while filming love and basketball .he stated he fell in love with her while filming

What was the nickname of Babur?

love is the nickname

What year was love and basketball out?

The movie, Love and Basketball, came out in the year 2000.