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Michael Jackson's favorite Michael Jackson song was 'Dirty Diana' he said so himself at one of his interviews,

Here is what Michael said in another interview:

anthony decurtis We have a question now, uh, Helen from Scotland says, "If you could only perform one of your songs for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?"

michael jackson

Ooh, it would probably be... if I could pick more than one, up to two or three?

anthony decurtis yeah, I think we can go that far.

michael jackson

Heal The World, Speechless, um, and that's a difficult one... I think, uh.. huh... ummm, You Are My Life.

anthony decurtis So, you went for the ones that are the... the kind of, uh, the biggest statements, in a way, it seems to me.

michael jackson

Yeah, because, uh, the point is that they're very melodic and if they have a great important message that's kinda immortal, that can relate to any time and space, you know.

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Michael Jackson was born into a Jehovah witness family. So they don't celebrate holidays. He first started celebrating in the early to mid 90s. he never came up on the topic either..

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Q: What was Michael Jackson's favorite Michael Jackson song?
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