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A bully

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Q: What was Derrick Dunne in the movie holes?
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In this book called holes who is the bully that always messes with Stanley?

his name is Derrick Dunne, from Stanley's school

Who was the school bully in the movie 'Holes'?

Derrick was the FAGET who dropped Stanley's note book down the toilet

Who is probably a very very bad character in holes?

Well probably Derrick Dunne, Because he is a bully ( school bully ).. although none of the teachers believed him 'cause Stanley is so much taller than him.. but he was probably a very very mean character.

Who plays Derrick Harrington in the clique movie?

No one plays Derrick Harrington in The Clique movie because Derrick isn't in the first Clique movie.

What movies did Dominique Dunne appear in?

Dominique Dunne appeared in the film "Poltergeist." You can learn more about Dominique Dunne at the Wikipedia or the Internet Movie Database websites.

In the book 'Holes' how much did Stanley Yelnats weigh?

Stanley Yelena's height in the movie holes

Who is the movie director of holes?

Andrew Davis directed the movie "Holes" (2003).

What was the joke Dominick Dunne told about Sue Mengers that was prined in the Hollywood Reporter?

Dominick Dunne himself said in the documentary "Dominick Dunne: After The Party" what he said about Sue Mengers was: "If the history of this movie is ever written, it should be called 'When a fat girl falls in love.'"

What the heck is holes is not a real movie?

Holes is a fake movie. Its based on a book :P

Who is the narrator of dickens novel in movie Hereafter?

Derrick Jacobi.

How did school bully derrick Dunne play a role in Stanley getting sent to camp green lake?

He chucked Stanly's book in the toilet and made him late so he missed the bus. Then that forced him to walk.

How old is Frank Dunn in the Gallipoli movie?

Frank Dunne was played by Mel Gibson in the Gallipoli move, which was released in 1981. He was 25 in the movie.