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A yorkie A yorkie

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Q: What type of dog does Angela Simmons have?
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When was Angela Simmons born?

Angela Simmons was born on September 18, 1987.

What is Angela simmons middle name?

Angela Simmons middle name is Renne

Does Chris Brown go with Angela simmons?

NO Chris Brown did not go out with Angela Simmons.

Is Bow Wow in love with Angela Simmons or Ciara?

Angela Simmons he is totally over Ciara

How long has Chris Brown and Angela Simmons been dating?

Chris Brown and Angela Simmons are not dating.

Angela Simmons pregnant?

no no

Is Angela simmons a lesbian?

No, She is not.

How long have Chris Brown and Angela simmons been dating for?

Chris Brown and Angela Simmons never dated.

Does Bow Wow or Lloyd have a crush on Angela Simmons?

yes Bow Wow have a crush on Angela Simmons but Lloyd do not

What is Angela's birthday?

please show Angela simmons birthday

Who is Bowwows Girl?

kimora lee simmons Nope Angela Simmons

Does Angela simmons have a MySpace?