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in word up it says that they are

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Q: Are Lloyd and Angela simmons dating?
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Does Bow Wow or Lloyd have a crush on Angela Simmons?

yes Bow Wow have a crush on Angela Simmons but Lloyd do not

How long has Chris Brown and Angela Simmons been dating?

Chris Brown and Angela Simmons are not dating.

How long have Chris Brown and Angela simmons been dating for?

Chris Brown and Angela Simmons never dated.

Is bow wow dating anybody?

Yes. Angela Simmons

Is Bow wow dating and if so who?

Yes, Angela Simmons.

Who is bow wow dating at this time?

Yes, Angela Simmons!

Who is Bow Wow dating now in 2011?

Angela Simmons!

Is bo wow and Angela simmons dating?

yea they are... so hot

Did bow wow and Angela simmons go out in 2010?

Yes. They are dating again now!

Who is bow wow marring?

He is not marrying anybody, but he is dating Angela Simmons which is Rev. Runs daughter!

Is Bow Wow dating Angela Simmons?

no they use to date but they broke up ages ago and Angela is no pregant the romours about my cousin ok or going this web Angela buud .com

Who do Lloyd go with?

uhhh either Teyana Taylor or nobody. I think him n' Angela Simmons are old though. Maybe; maybe not.