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No one that i know of but Stone Cold Steve Austin had"Glass Shatters" by Disturbed in 2001 during the invasion of wwf vs wcw/ecw

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monty brown and michael shane

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Q: What two wrestlers' theme song is down with the sickness?
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What is earthquakes theme song from wwe?

down with the sickness-disturbed

What are the performers of the wrestlers theme songs?

There are various performers for wrestlers Theme Songs. Check out this link for a whole list of wrestlers theme song names and performers : Here is a list of Wrestlers and PPV's theme songs and performers.

Down with the sickness disturbed?

Yes. Down with the Sickness is a Disturbed song used for the famous zombie movie of Dawn of the Dead. ENOUGH COME ON GET DOWN WITH THE SICKNESS! FCKING AWESOME SONG! yes down with the sickness is a hardcore song i head bang to it all the time is awsome i love disturbed they rule woot, down with the sickness is disturbed national anthem! xD

Where can you download a free version of the song 'Down With the Sickness'?

Download the application Limewire from and search for the song "down with the sickness" by "Disturbed" , sweet tune!

Who sang the song down wit the sickness?

Disturbed sang that song

Who sings the song with the words down with the sickness in it?


Has Marilyn Manson performed any WWE enterance theme song?

"The Fight Song" was used as the theme song for WWF InVasion in 2001, but I don't think any of his songs were used as entrance themes to any of the wrestlers.

Which WWE wrestlers theme song is 'I won't do what you tell me'?

The theme song " I Won't Do What You Tell Me " by Jim Johnston, was used for former WWE superstar ' Stone Cold ' Steve Austin.

Is Down with the Sickness Disturbed's first song?

No. "Stupify" was the band's first single in the year 2000. Down with the Sickness was not released until 2001.

What disturbed song is the easiest to play on guitar?

Down with the sickness or Voices.

What is DX's entrance song called?

DX theme song is break it down by Chris Warren Band

What song is used for the Monster Abyss' theme music?

Abyss' theme song is "Down in the Catacombs" by Dale Oliver.