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Some of Disturbed's most popular songs include Indestructable, Down With the Sickness, The Night, Prayer, Another Way to Die, and Asylum. These are the ones that play on the radio the most.

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Q: Songs by Disturbed
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Where can one find lyrics to songs recorded by the American heavy metal band Disturbed?

You can find the lyrics to songs recorded by the American heavy metal band Disturbed online from LyricFreak. Alternatively, you can find the lyrics to Disturbed's songs from the A-ZLyrics website.

Does 95.3 play disturbed?

I'm not 100% sure if that channel does, but I've heard them play Disturbed songs on 101.1

What radio station has songs by Disturbed?

Probably any rock station.

What is disturbed signature song?

Although there are quite a few songs that Disturbed are famous for, the one that is used the most is probably Down With the Sickness.

Is disturbed still alive?

yes they just came out with a couple new songs

How many songs has Disturbed covered by other artists?

Shout and land of confusion

How many songs does disturbed have?

Disturbed has a total of 69 songs which includes all songs from their 4 albums and their bonus tracks. They are coming out with a new album called Asylum which will be released in August... Also you can buy the single Another Way To Die from iTunes or Wal-Mart.

Are there any love songs by slipknot or disturbed?

Slipknot recorded Vermilion Pt.2 on Vol.3 THE SUBLIMINAL VERSES and Snuff on ALL HOPE IS GONE. Disturbed doesn't have any love songs so far...but they do have many songs about horrid things that happened in Davids' life, like the song Inside the Fire, it's about suicide because it happened in his life. Actually yes Disturbed do have love songs but they are about breakup and how much really do love the person. They are on Disturbed's new album Asylum. An example of one is The Infection.

What are of disturbed songs names?

Down With the Sickness Stricken Land of Confusion The Night Indestructible

New heavy metal songs?

Your Betrayal by Bullet for my Valentine Levitation by Disturbed (to be announced)

What are the names of disturbed songs?

A few are: Down With the Sickness Stricken Land of Confusion The Night Indestructible

What songs did disturbed play for dbz movies?

The only one I can recall was in the movie "Cooler's Revenge."

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