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Voldemort turned evil because he was tired of all the people who made fun of him, who thought of as very low.He lived in an orphanage.Hewas angry that it was because of his stubborn father that his mother suffered. His father was a muggle. He wanted to avenge his mother's death by killing all the muggles from this world.

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Voldemort grew up without his parents because his father left his mother and his mother died giving birth to him. The care home he grew up in had many other children so some children in care home's he acted up to get attention. All the way through his life bad things tended to happen to him and when he found his father had left his mother and him alone he wanted revenge so he killed him and his grandparents. After that he began to kill all muggle's and those who were muggle-born as revenge because his father left his mother when he found out she was a witch (and she stopped giving him love potion) so he hated them all.

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Q: What turned voldermort to evil?
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what are the names of the bad guys in Harry Potter?

The Harry Potter Pyramid of EvilVoldermort and His FollowersVoldermortBellatrix LeStrange Fenrir GreyBackLucius Malfoy Narcissa Malfoy Petter PettigrewYaxley Goyle Crabbe Alecto and Amycus Carrow DolohovVoldermort is the leader of the 'Death Eaters' who seeks to eradicate muggles and mudbloods from society to ensure pure bloods a place of power.Bellatrix LeStrange is Voldermorts adoring right-hand man who is often brushed aside by Voldermort but is oblivious to this as she seeks only to please and abie by his will. She is genuinely evil and psychotic. Torturing Nevilles parents to the point of madness, killing Sirius Black, and torturing Hermione at Malfoy Manor.Fenrir Grey Back is a follower of Voldermort who is reponsible for turning professor Lupin into a werewolf. Greyback preys on young children and even attacks other humans in a werewolf like fashion when the moon is not full and he is in a human form. He is also reponsible for scarring Bill Weasley and Lavender Brown (in the film Lavender dies)Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy may once have followed Voldermort for the glory, but now their allegiance seems to have waned. They stay with Voldermort more out of fear than malice however allow their large home to be used as a base for Death Eater activities and would do anything (even lie to You Know Who) to ensure the safety of their son, Malfoy (also a Death Eater but is rather inactive)Peter Pettigrew is much like the Malfoys. A weak, snivelling character he follows the Dark Lord with the same reverence as Bellatrix however lacks the malice and enjoyment in killing and evil doings. He is responsible for helping bring Voldermort back in book four, and is also the reasonw why Sirius Black ended up in Azkaban. Pettigrew also betrayed the whereabouts of Lily and James Potter resulting in their deaths.Other Death Eaters the other Death Eaters (followers of Voldermort) listed have all done evil things and many or most were killed in the Battle of Hogwarts. The Carrow siblings tortured students at Hogwarts in a class that can only be described as 'The Dark Arts' and Dolohov killed Remus Lupin at the end of book 7.

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Voldermort does not have a wife but Bellatrix and Voldermort has a child named Dephini.

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Voldermort. (Twice.)

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Lord Voldermort dies in Deathly Hallows.

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Lord Voldermort was played by Ralph Fiennes in the Harry Potter films.

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