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Voldermort tried to kill harry but it didn't work because of the love his mum gave him instead the spell backfired and Voldermort wasn't kill because he had used horcruxes but most be lived he was dead until his half life became clear in the first film. He would of died if he didn't have horcruxes.

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Voldemort only died once. Characters in Harry Potter cannot come back to life.

When Voldemort disappeared the first time it was because Lily died for her son and caused Voldemort's killing curse to backfire on him

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Harry had to find all of the Horcruxes and destory them to kill the seven parts of Voldermorts soul. Then Harry and Voldermort dueled at the final war at Hogwarts and Harry won, therefore killing Voldermort.

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Harry kills him with the Elder Wand

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Q: How did Voldemort die the first time?
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Did Harry Potter or Voldemort die first?

Harry Potter hasn't died yet!

When is the first time Harry Potter saw Lord Voldemort after discovering he is a wizard?

Harry Potter first saw Lord Voldemort on Quirinus Quirrell's head in the final chamber.

How did Harry potters dad die?

Voldemort killed him to try to get to Harry..

Why doesn't Harry Potter just kill Voldemort?

He can't just kill Voldemort without destroying the horcruxes first because he can just come back as he won't really die.

What did Harry Potter call Voldemort in the first book?

His name, Voldemort.

Did Harry Potters die?

No, Harry Potter survived the series.In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Voldemort did hit him with a killing curse but it only killed the part of Voldemort's soul (a Horcrux) that was inside Harry at the time. No,instead he kills Voldemort. he is protected by his ability to love unlike Voldemort and sacrifice of his mother,an ancient magic which Voldemort overlooked.

Can Voldemort Harry Potter die in Harry Potter and the deathly hollows part 2?

Yes Voldemort does die, Harry Potter defeats him

How does Voldemort's die?

all of the horcuxes are destroyed and then harry and voldemort fight each other but the wand doesn't work properly for voldemort and harry kills him

In Harry Potter does Voldemort die?


Does Voldemort die in the 7th movie?


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Do Voldemort and harry die in the seventh book?

Lord Voldemort dies in the 7th book, but not Harry Potter.