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1 in mornin

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Q: What time is the royal rumble?
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Is the royal rumble this week?

royal rumble was yesterday.

What time is the royal rumble on in the UK?

around 10pm UK time

Will Umaga be in the 2009 Royal Rumble?

no he will not be in the 2009 Royal Rumble

Which royal rumble has reymysterio won?

Royal Rumble 2006

When was Royal Rumble created?

Royal Rumble was created in 1988.

Which royal rumble did Goldberg win?

He has not won a royal rumble

Will batista be at the royal rumble in 08?

Yes, Batista is going to be in the Royal Rumble and he will be one of the final four in the Royal Rumble.

How long did the 2009 royal rumble last?

The 2009 Royal Rumble lasted a total time of 49 minutes and 55 seconds. -Tyler Monahan

What time is the royal rumble on for people in the UK?

maybe in 2016

Who set the world record for shortest royal rumble?

Santino Marella holds the record for shortest time spent in a Royal Rumble match, lasting only 1.9 seconds in the 2009 Royal Rumble.

Who will be the one to win royal rumble?

2011 royal rumble KANE

When is WWE having the royal rumble?

The Royal Rumble will be on January 31st.