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Sadly none but there is time for Sin Cara to win or have a good run in the Royal Rumble.

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Q: How many times has sin cara won a royal rumble?
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How many times did the undertaker win the royal rumble?

Undertaker has Won The Royal Rumble Once in 2007

How many times john cena won the royal rumble match?

John Cena has won the Royal Rumble twice. He won in 2008, and he won in 2013.

How many time the rock won the royal rumble?

3 times

How many times did john cena win royal rumble?

He won it once.

How many unknown entries can there be in a royal rumble?

there will be 40 entries in royal rumble 2011

How many people attended the 2011 royal rumble?

there were 40 people who attended in the royal rumble

What time is the WWE royal rumble 2011?

it is at many different times so its hard to tell.

How many royal rumble have undertaker win?


How many times has Eve Torres been divas champion?

Eve Torres has been divas champion 2 times as of the 2011 royal rumble.

Who has won the Royal Rumble the most number of times and how many times?

stone cold stevn Austin and wwe is fake they only take ur money

How many royal rumble's have Shawn Micheal's win?


How many royal rumble did edge win?

1 time 2008