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When you hear your family's refrigerator compressor come on, very often there will be a pulse that sounds like a regular beat. The same may happen when you listen to the washing machine or dryer as they run. Sometimes heating or cooling systems will make the same kinds of sound. Clocks will sometimes produce a ticking sound, and this even includes some battery operated clocks. Almost anything electronic might produce pulsing sounds, like fans, blenders, can openers and cleaning appliances. These pulses may result from physical components that rap against each other in some way, and sometimes they come from complex harmonic interactions of sound and have nothing to do with physical clashes of objects. There may be different kinds of beat coming from one machine, sometimes depending on the pitch level that you are paying attention to. There are also things like dripping faucets, the creeking of pipes that are warming up or cooling down, and sometimes even parts of the house structure itself will creek evenly because of warming up or cooling down. There are probably dozens of others that I haven't thought of yet. Listen and enjoy; it's all good.

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Q: What things in a home can have a steady beat?
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