What does metronome mean?

Updated: 8/31/2023
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It means an often digitally generated steady beat. They can be bought separately (and are very useful for Guitarists learning to shred) although often there is one built in to keyboards.

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i don't think there is one. . . there aren't many synonyms for most nouns.

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Q: What does metronome mean?
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What does mm mean in music?

Maelzel's metronome

A musical time measurer is called?

A metronome.

What keeps the beat of music?

Metronome. Sometimes abbreviated "mm." for Maezel's metronome.

What is the instrument that you use to count beats in music called?

Tempo is measured in the number of beats per minute. Metronomes were traditionally used to do this, but it is more common to use music sequencers to do so now.

What is the device called that helps you keep time on piano?

It is a metronome.

If Metronome is used by a Pokemon continuously will the Item Metronome power it up?

the item Metronome will power up any moveused in a row, so the move metronome will be powered up. or rather, the move metronome turns into will be powered up. if metronome turns into anything other than an attack move, the next metronome will be powered up instead.

When was Prague Metronome created?

Prague Metronome was created in 1991.

Where can one find an online metronome?

Online metronome's and metronome applications for mobile and portable devices are widely downloadable from app stores and from websites. One notable web based metronome is webMetronome.

When was the first metronome invented?

The metronome was invented in 1951 by Johann Maelzel

If a Pokemon holds the Item Metronome will the attack Metronome get powered up by the item?

No, the item Metronome will make a move stronger if used continuously.

In platinum when does Togepi learn metronome?

Togepi learns metronome at level 6

What the bit that moves on a metronome called?

The bit a on a metronome that moves is called a 'pendulum'.