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~1400 C

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Q: What temperature is a blue fire?
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Is orange fire hotter than blue fire?

No, the color of a flame is determined by the temperature at which a material burns. Blue flames are typically hotter than orange flames because they burn at a higher temperature.

What is hoter ''blue or red fire?

Blue fire is hotter than red fire, as the color of a flame is indicative of its temperature. Blue flames typically burn at higher temperatures due to more complete combustion.

Is green fire the coolest temperature of fire?

Green fire is not indicative of temperature. The color of fire is determined by the chemical composition of the fuel burning, not the temperature. Blue flames tend to be hotter than red or yellow flames.

What color is fire?

Fire appears in various colors, typically depending on the temperature of the flames. At cooler temperatures, fire can show as red or orange. As the temperature rises, the color can shift to yellow and then to blue or even white at extremely high temperatures.

What does the term blue fire mean?

The term blue fire means that the temperature of the the flame is high because it has more energy than other colours such as red or other shades of yellow.

What makes fire turn blue?

When a fire burns very hot, it can produce a blue color. This is due to the high energy that causes certain compounds in the flames to emit a blue light. The color of a flame can be influenced by the temperature and the types of chemicals present in the fuel.

why is blue color more economical in flame?

When the flame takes on the color of blue this means that the fire is at the highest temperature. The fire is at its hottest and may take lesser time to heat whatever needs to be heated.

Why fire is red?

it is red because of its temperature. not all fires are red. some are blue and some are yellow.

What color fire is the hottest red or blue?

Blue fire is hotter than red fire, with blue flames reaching temperatures around 3000 degrees Fahrenheit compared to red flames which typically burn around 1000-2000 degrees Fahrenheit. The color of a flame is determined by the temperature and the substances being burned.

What color of fire is the hottest?

Technically, all colours of fire are the same temperature, but with colour, they get more condensed/concentrated; for instance, red fire could be as hot as blue fire, but blue fire would appear hotter to the touch because it is more concentrated. Anyway, from least condensed to most it goes: Red, Blue, Green, Purple, White.

What is the order of color of a fire from hottest to coldest?

The order of colors in a fire from hottest to coldest is blue, white, yellow, orange, and red. Blue flames are typically the hottest, followed by white, with yellow, orange, and red being cooler in temperature.

Can fire be blue?

Yes, certain types of fires can appear blue depending on the temperature and the materials being burned. Blue flames are typically seen in fires fueled by natural gas, alcohol, or certain metals like copper.