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Suplex into table, pedigree into table, suplex from top rope into table.... Chokeslam into table.... drop toehold into table and many more

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Q: What table match finishers are there in smackdown vs raw 2010?
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Can everybody steal finishers in smackdown vs raw 2010?

no only superstars with that ability

What are Shelton Benjamin finishers in smackdown vs raw 2010?

Paydirt and the Super Kick.

How do you win a table match in smackdown vs raw 2010 on ps2?

You have to break the table ;) use an irish-whip and throw him at the table, then u do a move....

Will smackdown vs raw 2010 have a ambulance match?

yes it was conformed look yourself at www.smackdownvsraw .com

Is the stretcher match a confirmed match type in Smackdown vs Raw 2010 for the Wii?

No it isn't but maybe in Smackdown vs Raw 2011

What can you create on Smackdown vs Raw 2010?

You can create: WWE Storyline finishers signatures people tag teams and entrences

How do you win the table match in 2010 smackdown vs raw for xbox360?

First, get a table, set it up in the ring. Then, have a finisher, and strong grapple your opponent. Drag him to the table and he will be leaning on it with his back. Use your finisher and it's over.

How do you get your opponent on the table in smackdown vs raw 2010 for ps2?

Irish whip them into the table.

How do you unlock a casket match for smackdown vs raw 2011?

on wwe 2010 how do you unlock casket match

How do you put a superstar through a table in smackdown v raw 2010?


How is the you Quit match going to be played on Smackdown vs Raw 2010 on PS3?

Its probably going to like a submission match.

On smackdown vs raw 2010 how do you equip a finisher with a superstar?

Go to their movesets go into wherever there finishers are then go created finishers and give them the created finishers. For ideas go to and look down the bottom then click on created finishers for whatever game is there. Vote 100%, C641076