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Privet Drive

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Q: What street do the Dursley's live on?
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Where did Harry live per a letter in 'The Trouble with Harry'?

In the Dursleys house.

Who lives in the private driver?

Harry Potter's family, the Dursleys, live on Privet Drive.

Do the Dursleys die in Harry Potter?

No, none of the Dursleys die.

Why was Harry placed with the dursleys?

The Dursleys were the closest in relation to harry potter after his parents died

What are the worlds in Harry Potter?

There is the mortal world, where the Dursleys live, and the Wizarding World, which Harry attends school at. Hope that helps! :D

Do you say I live at Tara Street or I live in Tara Street?

The answer to this question depends on where you live, although you would never normally say " I live at Tara Street" at all. If you live in the UK you would say "I live in Tara Street" and if you live in the US you would say "I live on Tara Street".

Which street do Ernie and Bert live?

They live on Sesame Street.

When was On the Street Where You Live created?

On the Street Where You Live was created in 1956.

How was harry created by this family in first book?

Harry was raised by the Dursleys in the first book which was Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone because Voldemort murdered his parents and he survived and so since the Dursleys were the closest or only family members he had left he was forced to go live with the muggles.

How did Harry Potter came to dursleys?

He was taken there on Dumbledore's instructions, after his parents died. The Dursleys were Harry's only living relatives.

What street does Tulisa live on?

wich street does Tulisa contastavlis live at

Where does Harry stay in the summers?

at the dursleys