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Paper Street

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Q: In Fight Club what street does Tyler Durden live on?
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Was the main character always Tyler Durden in the movie Fight Club?

In the movie Fight Club, Tyler Durden was the alter ego of the unnamed narrator. In a way, [Jack] was Tyler and Tyler was [Jack]. [ ] = narrator

What role does Brad Pitt portray in Fight Club?

Tyler Durden

What is the first song that plays in fight club?

"Who Is Tyler Durden?" by the Dust Brothers .

Who played the character of Tyler Durden in the movie Fight club?

Brad Pitt

Who is Tyler Durden?

A Fridge! tyler is a character in the movie and book "fight club", he loves destruction of everything good

What is the twist in fight club?

SPOILER WARNING:He has multiple personality disorder:Ed Norton's character is referred to as Tyler Durden in a bar, which is a fight club. Ed runs to his hotel room and calls Marla to know if they ever made love. They argue a little bit and she calls him Tyler, as well. Tyler then appears in the hotel room and confirms that they are the same person: Tyler Durden.

Who starred in fight club and Cool World?

Brad Pitt (Tyler Durden in the Fight Club movie .) provided the voice of Detective Frank Harris who was a Cool World police detective .

What does WWTDD usually stand for?

"WWTDD" can mean "What would Tyler Durden do," referring to the popular character from the film Fight Club. Tyler is famous for his unconventional and sometimes questionable methods of improving society and one's self. His titular fight club was an outlet for aggression that grew into a revolutionary movement.

What was unusual about the real identity of Brad Pitt in Fight Club?

The real identity of the character played by Brad Pitt in the film called Fight Club is unusual because the character named Tyler Durden that Pitt played is just an ordinary soap salesman.

In the movie Fight Club what did Tyler Durden do for a living?

Tyler Durden made soap from human body fat and lye, (Paper St Soap Company) and sold it to department stores at $20 a bar. He worked as a movie projectionist (where he would insert subliminal pornography), and as a waiter at the Pressman Hotel. He had other jobs, but they weren't shown in the movie.

What is the first line said in the movie Fight Club?

The first rule of Fight Club is : "You do not talk about Fight Club" .

I have scored for Manchester united against Liverpool and for Liverpool against Manchester united I won the premiership with a London club and have won trophies in Spain Italy and Scotland?

Tyler Durden