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Men of lake town, the place where Bilbo and his companions of dwarves arrived to after escaping the elven jails by hiding in barrels that had wine and food in before.

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umm, hobbits?

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Q: What strange creatures inhabited the town in The Hobbit?
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What strange creature inhabited the town?


What creatures lived in Lake Town in The Hobbit?


What happened in lake town hobbit?

a Pier going to it then a platform with a town

Where was the Smaug killed in The Hobbit?

Lake town

When was Strange Town created?

Strange Town was created on 1979-03-17.

What are the release dates for Strange Town - 2013?

Strange Town - 2013 was released on: USA: 31 October 2013

What part does Stephen Fry play in The Hobbit?

He will play the Master of Lake-town.

What is Pylos famous for?

Pylos is a town that has been inhabited for centuries. This town is famous for its bay and being mentioned in the Iliad.

What actors and actresses appeared in Strange Town - 2013?

The cast of Strange Town - 2013 includes: William Driver as Lead Investigator

How did they get supplies to camp in chapter 11 The Hobbit?

they got supplies by the people of lake town

Where do the men live?

well, if you are talking about the men in the book 'The Hobbit' then the men live in Lake-Town

What happened to the village near the mountain in chapter 11 of The Hobbit?

Lake Town was the name of the village that existed at the time of the Hobbit. It was destroyed by Smaug when he was awakened by Bilbo. The down that lay at the foot of the mountain that was destroyed previously was called Dale.