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Night Train


Paradise City

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Q: What songs were written by axl rose?
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What actor's real name was William Bailey?


What is Axl Rose middle name?

Axl His Name is W. Axl Rose

Who owns the rights to the guns n roses songs?

The back catalogue of GnR songs is co-owned by Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan. Axl has sole ownership of the band's name.

What nicknames does Axl Rose go by?

Axl Rose goes by Bill.

Does Axl Rose have a wife or a family?

Axl Rose is not married, and he has no children. (Sadly).

Who is the lead singer of Guns n' Roses?

Axl Rose

Who is the voclist of guns en roses?

Axl Rose, or W. Axl Rose.

Was axl rose a racesitist?

axl rose was not a racesitist but he wrote a song that people called him racist the songs name was one in a million. but he told everyone that it was a missunderstanding and told everyone that he is not a racist in my opinion he is not a racist but some say he is.

What guitar does Axl Rose use in Madagascar song?

Axl Rose does not play guitar

What is W. Axl Rose's birthday?

W. Axl Rose was born on February 6, 1962.

What is axl rose's estimated wealth?

Axl Rose Is Worth About $50million & Is The Gretaest Frontman Of All Time

What town does axl rose live in?

AXL is currently living in Malibu.