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His Name is W. Axl Rose

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Q: What is Axl Rose middle name?
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What actor's real name was William Bailey?


How did Axl get his name Axl Rose?

It's not his real name. He got the letters of the words ORAL SEX rearranged them to make the anagram AXL ROSE. DIS IS NOT TRUE. AXL was his first bands name. His real name is Bruce William rose .. he changes his name to W. Axl Rose to forget his first name William becos it was his dads. it is in his biography

What is the birth name of Axl Hose?

Axl Rose's birth name is Rose, William Bruce.

What is axl rose real name?

His birth name is William Bruce Bailey.He later found out his real fathers name was Rose, aaaaand so in 1986 he legally changed his name from to W. Axl Rose with the name Axl comin from a band he once played in.The name Axl Rose is also an anagram of oral sex which may have appealed to the singer.

What nicknames does Axl Rose go by?

Axl Rose goes by Bill.

Does Axl Rose have a wife or a family?

Axl Rose is not married, and he has no children. (Sadly).

Who is the lead singer of Guns n' Roses?

Axl Rose

Who is the voclist of guns en roses?

Axl Rose, or W. Axl Rose.

What does axl rose stand for?

axl means'father of peace. I don't know what rose means.If you would ask me about the last name "Rose", i think it means a pretty red flower!Axl Rose is an anagram for Oral Sex-this is the correct answer. period.

What guitar does Axl Rose use in Madagascar song?

Axl Rose does not play guitar

What enetertainer actor's real name was William bailey?

Axl Rose

What is W. Axl Rose's birthday?

W. Axl Rose was born on February 6, 1962.