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None of them.

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Q: What songs mention the name of Michael Jackson's secret love?
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Is dangerous one of Michael jacksons songs?

Yes it is.

What years did Michael jacksons songs come out?


Why did Michael Jackson have secret songs?

He doesn't have any secret songs.

What is the name of Michael Jacksons song when he is singing in Arabic?

He doesn't sing any songs in Arabic.

What is Michael Jacksons song about the Papparazzi?

Tabloid Junkie, Privacy, Scream, Leave Me Alone are some songs he has about the papparazzi. Michael Jackson didn't only have one song. He had plenty of songs about the papparazzi.

Why was Jennifer Hudson at Michael Jackson's funeral?

because famous singers were asked to preform songs of Michael jacksons. so she and many others came

Janet Jacksons song with the same name as one of Michael Jacksons?

You may be talking about Scream, a 1995 duet between the two.

When were Michael Jacksons number ones released?

The album Number Ones was released in 2003. For a list of is individual numbers one songs and there release dates, see related links.

Who wrote early jacksons 5 songs?

berry gordy

Did Michael Jackson leave The Jacksons or The Jackson 5?

No. The band (called The Jacksons) broke up in 1990. Michael's popularity did make it hard for him to do anything besides his own music, because he had so much work to do. === ===

Did Michael Jackson have a good time writing songs?

yes. MJ loved writing songs. That's why he wrote so many. Even today, there are a lot of songs that he has written in secret that we don't know about because they have not been released to the public.

What activities do Christmas songs mention?

one of the things they mention is jingle bells