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She sang, Rescue Me. Whats love got to do with it. If I ain't got you. If I can't have you. I'll never fall in Love again. Thats about all I can remember I have all her appearences on DVD that I taped so if I find more I will let you know. You can buy a CD full of her songs from Fame Academy at the CD includes some of the songs she sang and others she didn't. It's a great CD! The CD includes; 01 - Son of a Preacher Man

02 - Band of Gold

3 - If I ain't got you

4 - Rescue Me

5 - Where did our love go

6 - If I can't have you

7 - To sir with Love

8 - Road Rage

9 - Save the Best for Last

10 - Higher and Higher

11 - Don't know why

12 - I'll Never Fall in Love Again

13 - Out of Reach

14 - What's love got to do with it

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Q: What songs did Tricia penrose sang on comit relief does fame academy?
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