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The chorus sounds a lot like "Somebody told me" by the killers ,
but the beginning kind of sounds like "High school never ends" by Bowling for soup ...

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Q: What song sounds just like the beginning of 'love drunk' by boys like girls?
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Who sings love drunk?

Boys like girls

Who sings the song love drunk?

Boys like girls sing it. Martin Johnson is the lead singer of Boys Like Girls.

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Love Drunk

What are the names of boys like girls albums?

BoysLikeGirls and Love Drunk

When does boys like girls CD love drunk come out?

September 8,2009

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Love Drunk.

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Love Drunk - Boys Like Girls

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ultraviolet by the stiff dylans

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Ashley tisdale from HSM

What was the name of the song Ashley Tisdale guest starred in?

Love Drunk by Boys Like Girls.

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