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yes they are actually in some sports girls are better than boys.

Depending on the sport yes. There are several sports out there where girls are better than the boys.

Though girls can be just as good or better than guys in some sports, the boys are naturally stronger making them better than girls at most sports.

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Q: Are girls just as good as boys in sports?
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Is it true that boys sports for girls too?

yes any sports game can be for girls and not just for boys.

Do girls get hurt in coed sports?

Yes. But so can boys.

Are girls better at sports than boys?

Excuse me but that's not true, woman are just as good at sports as boys. Just some woman or girls don't prefere sprots, but that doesn't mean that they are bad in sports. Well in my class when we do PE (soccer) all the girls do is stand around while we boys are playing hardcore and when the ball comes to them they give it to the oppsition and the score a goal because the girls just kick it in their own goal. hardcore? what are you in the major leagues, i bet your probably in elementary school. girls are capable to do anything just as much as boys can. the girls in your class probably don't interact with the game because they might not like soccer, maybe because it is just a class game that they are most likely not marked on or maybe has it ever occurred to you that they might not play as hard as they can because when it comes to boy girl interaction they get nervous that they will look stupid or too butch for you. just like most boys don't interact with activities like art and singing because they are afraid of what they will look like. certain boys are better then certain girls in certain sports, just as certain girls are better then certain boys at certain sports. and no! that doesn't mean girls are good at gymnastics and boys at football. what I'm saying includes everybody and every sport.

Do boys or girls play more sports?

Boys do. They have Better chances of playing more sports because of NBA And NFL Draft....Idk about Baseball and hockey. But girls can't play in either of the 2 sports

Do boys have better grips than girls?

boys think they are better but sometimes it is different ! girls and boys can just be as good as each other

What are the different skill levels between boys and girls?

there isn't a difference between boys and girls except there body parts cause most girls play just as good as boys

Who is better at soccer boys or girls?

Girls develop faster, which is why they usually have the upper hand in sports. That's why in games lessons between boys and girls of the same age you often see the girl player teasing the boy but never the other way round - girls can take the time to tease because the game's easier for them. It also helps that girls are allowed to play sports in skirts and boys normally can't, because skirts keep you cooler when you're running around. For sports to be equal between boys and girls, you should play the boys against a younger age-group of girls. You should also try to get all the players to wear skirts, though it can be hard to convince boys to do this.

Should girls play on boy sport?

A lot of boys world wide

Why are boys better than girls in sports and education?

It's just the way our bodies and brains work. P.S. - Boys arent always better in school!

What is do it like a dude about?

Its basically saying that girls can do things just as good as boys can, and that boys arent better than girls. Jesse J i love you!

Why do girls grade papers and boys do not?

Because girls are more trustworthy and honest. Boys might put a good grade just in favor of the person they're grading.

What are unique and cool sports for girls?

Girls love to be inspired. They also like to be impressed. Best sports for them is Basketball or Football. But If you are a girl just find a sport that you really like.Some great sports for girls are:GymnasticsSoccerBasketballVolleyballTrack and FieldHockey (Yes, girls can play hockey as well as boys!)Fencing (Girls fencing)CheerleadingSwimming/DivingIce SkatingTae Kwon DoFootball (Yes, there is Girl's Football)YogaSoftballDanceLacrosseTennisPole VaultingRemember, there are not such thing as "girl sports," just find a sport that suits you.