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The evil masonic song "Umbrella". Search The Workings Of Evil on YouTube.

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Q: What song made Rihanna famous?
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What was Rihanna's very first song she made as being famous?

She got a donk

What was Rihanna's most famous single?

Her most famous song is "Umbrella"

How made the song umbrella JLS or Rihanna?


What is Rihanna's most famous song?

(Probably) "Umbrella"

What is Rihanna famous for doing?

Rihanna is a very famous singer. The fist famous song she sang was called "Umbrella". Recently, Rihanna participated in two films called Battleship and This is the end.

What special songs has Rihanna made?

The song that Rihanna made was What's my name and Unfaithful

How many song has Rihanna made?

Rhianna had 134 song that has be song and written.If you do believe me then go on Google and type in Rihanna lyrics and see for yourself.

Is the song emergency room by Rihanna a real song or some person made it up?

The song Emergency Room is by Rihanna and on her album "Dark Angel".

What was the first song Rhianna sang?

the first song she sang that made her famous was "Pon de Replay"

Does Rihanna have a famous brother?

Rihanna Does have a brother but he Isn't famous.

Who does Rihanna go with?

rihanna go wth yooung geezy every since they made that song go hard together!

Who is more famous Mario or Rihanna?

Rihanna is more famous