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Yeah, they covered the song 'umbrella' by Rihanna.

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Q: Did all time low remake umbrella by Rihanna?
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Did all time low stole the song umbrella rihanna?

No, they did a COVER of it.

What are the lyrics for Umbrella by All Time Low?

The same as the lyrics for Umbrella by Rihanna It was a cover for Punk Goes Crunk (:

Is the song umbrella by all time low good?

No. Umbrella is originally by Rihanna -they just covered the song

Did All Time Low record a cover of Umbrella by Rihanna?

Yes they did, its on the punk goes crunk CD

Who sings the song umbrella?

it was not Rihanna that sings the song umbrellait is accualy the band All Time LowAll time low first recorded the song Umbrella in 2004tho it was not put on any of their albumsafterwards it was Rihanna but 3 years laterfolowed by Mandy Moore

Who sings the rock song Umbrella?

It was written by The-Dream, Christopher Stewart, Jay-Z and Kuk Harrell.Read more: Who_wrote_umbrellaand was originally sung by rihanna but has been covered by many artists including All Time Low and McFly

What are the lyrics to Umbrella by All Time Low?

"umbrella" by All Time Low is a cover from the album Punk goes Crunk. So it isn't any different from the lyrics when Rihanna sings it, because they are covering for her song.

How many CDs has Rihanna sold?

18 million: 300,000 - 'music of the sun' (album) 2,700,000 - 'a girl like me' (album) 5,000,000 - 'good girl gone bad' (album) 5,000,000 - all singles excluding 'umbrella' 5,000,000 - 'umbrella' (single) (approx)

Is all right by Darius Rucker a remake?

no its not a remake.

Is Rihanna a hermaphrodite?

not at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wat u on about rihanna is absolutely a boy okay .......

Does Rihanna put her middle finger up?

Yes, she does. Not all the time, but sometimes.

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