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It comes from Disney's "Phineas and Ferb" The song is Agent P (Perry the Platypus's) theme song.


Back Sactters: Doo-Be Doo Be Do-Ba Doo-Be Doo Be Do-Ba Doo-Be Doo Be Do-Ba Doo-Be Doo Be Do-Ba

Female Singer:Perry!

Male Singers:He's a semi-aquatic egg-laying mammal of action,

Back Scatters: Doo-Be Doo Be Do-Ba Doo-Be Doo Be Do-Ba Doo-Be Doo Be Do-Ba Doo-Be Doo Be Do-Ba

He's a furry little flatfoot who'll never flinch from a fray,

He's got more than just man skill,

He's got a beaver tail and bill,

And the women swoon whenever they hear him say:

Perry:*platypus sound*

*ladies faint*

Male Singer:He's Perry,

Perry the Platypus!

Major Monogram: But you can call him Agent P.

Male Singer: Perry!

Major Monogram: I said you can call him Agent P!

Male Singer: Agent P!

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Dooby dooby doo has the lyrics dooby dooby doo

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Q: What song has the lyrics do be do be do bah bah dooby do bah bah?
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