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I don't know because I'm a 4th grader ppl

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Q: What was the song in the IFC Portlandia commercial that went Bah bah bah bah in the background?
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What is the song in the cheerios commercial with the trucks?

The song is 'I think I love you' David Cassidy the partridge family.. I actually went crazy trying to figure this out myself

What was in the background of the Italian restaurant that Edward and Bella went to in the movie Twilight?

the song? its called 'Never Think' by Robert Pattinson

What was the name of the song on the Chevrolet Olympic commercial about the guy who fell into the lake and froze and went around frozen to all the events?

The song in that Chevrolet Olympic commercial is called "Frozen" by Madonna. It was released in 1998 as the lead single from her album "Ray of Light."

What is the name of the Song from the Rock Revolution Commercial?

I saw the commercial for Rock Revolution and heard the song that the characters were playing with instruments and it went something like this "Soometimes, I said sometimes I go crazy in this, this world" something like that, can anyone help me find the song, does anyone know it? World Long Gone by Scars on Broadway

What was the song in the Gossip Girl commercial that went Oh my god that aired around march 2009?

i heard its oh my god by Ida maria, not positive

Who sings you gotta give me what i want?

The name of the song playing in the background of the blueprint commercial is titled "Gimme What I Want" by DCP Productions, and it was specifically recorded for the commercial itself. I emailed gieco for the answer. This was the reply from This is not an Improvement, just an additional note. I teach guitar and the song "Gimme What I Want" by DCP Productions has the same chord structure and sounds very much like "I Got A Line On You" by Spirit, a Los Angeles based band who released it in November of 1968, it went to #25 in the U.S.

What jewelry commercial has people saying He went to?

He went to Jared.

Who sings the song MAGIC for macy's new commercial?

The band's name is Stimulator. The song is a cover of the Olivia Newton-John song from the Xanadu soundtrack. It originally went to #1. This version is cool and new wavy, but the original ONJ version has amazing vocals.

What is the song in the new vw routon commercial?

I like this song to and went to look for it. Its called Let's Live for Today by the Grass Roots. Its apparently a really old song. Heres the youtube link if u want to watch it.

What is the song heard in the Sony Ericsson Aino Commercial?

I am tortured by the same question! The name of the song is "what's your name" by usher

Song from soap net s promotion commercial for holidate?

its called: Symphony by: Marie Digby it took me FOREVER to find out who sang the song. because NO ONE had the answer. but then i went on to YOUTUBE, thank god i rememberd a few verses of it, and i typed it in, and it came up.

When was Yesterday Went Too Soon - song - created?

Yesterday Went Too Soon - song - was created in 1998.