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Stone Roses- This is the One

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Q: What song do Manchester United walk onto the pitch to?
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What the song that is played when Manchester united go onto the pitch at Old Trafford?

The answer is This is the One - The Stone Roses. Greatest band of all time.

What is Manchester United team song?

"Glory Glory Man United" is probably the traditional theme song, sung by the fans and various records including these words have been made. When United come out onto the pitch at Old Trafford the theme music is "This Is The One" by The Stone Roses.

Who won 19 titles?

Manchester United! (Here's their fight song) United we do, united we do, united we do, united we love you!

What is the most played club song?

It is either Real Madrid or Manchester united song.

What is the song when you enter the Manchester united stadium called?

Glory Glory Man United. They have a song for it. You hear fans sing and chant the song during the Man United games.

What are the songs in Manchester united season review 0708?

anyone know the first song?

When was Manchester - song - created?

Manchester - song - was created in 2006.

What song do AFC bournemouth play when team come onto pitch?

sweat by snoop dog

What Song plays when The Ospreys Rugby Union Team Run out onto the Pitch?

Gladiator film - The battle

Was the song youre in my heart by rod Stewart dedicated to someone in special?

Yes.. this song was for Britt Ekland and was also an acknowledgement of support to Celtic (Glasgow) and United (Manchester) who are referred to in the last verse of the song.

What is Manchester city FC theme song?

Manchester City FC's theme song is known as Blue Moon.

What music video has a arm wrestling trucker?

The song is called Shake It Out by Manchester Orchestra.