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Climb Every Mountain from The Sound of Music

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Michael sang "climb every mountain"

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Q: What song did Michael Jackson sing at his school talent show?
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Where did Michael Jackson start his professional singing career?

By wiinning a school talent show with the Jackson 5

What age was Michael Jackson when he entered talent show at school?

Michael Jackson was 5 years old when he entered the talent show at his school.

Was Michael Jackson involved in school activites?

NO. The only thing he did at school was a talent show. He dad was keeping the Jackson 5 doing other musical things that does'nt involve school.

How do you become famous like Michael Jackson?

well first you have to have a talent then show off your talent to some one who can make you famouse then try harder and become Michael Jackson lol

Where was Michael Jackson's first gig?

In his schools talent show when he was 6 years old

What are some major attractions in Indiana?

The Canal Downtown,Black Expo,Circle City Classic,Michael Jackson's home and the school where he sang for a talent show at Roosevelt.

When was Michael Jackson's first show?

His first notable show was at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem. But he must've performed in talent shows and stuff before that.

Who was Ne Yo influenced by?

He had 1 main influence which was Michael Jackson Think about it 'Sexy Love' sounds like 'Human Nature' Beautiful Monster could have been a copy of 'Thriller' He even tributes Michael Jackson with 'Billie Jean'

What age did Michael Jackson start singing at?

In 1964 at the age of 6 years old Michael Jackson performed for the first time with his brothers in a talent show. They took first prize.

Did Greyson Chance win the school talent show?

Yes, Greyson Chance did win his school talent show.

Where do Michael Jacksons kids attend school?

According, to NBC News, The Today Show, Michael Jackson's kids never attended school. Because Michael Jackson didn't want his kids too, instead he had nannies and governesses at their home, homeschool all three (3) of Michael Jackson's children.

Are all the Jackson's in show business?

Only Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson are in show buisness.