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The chorus sounds very similar to 'Can We Talk' by Tevin Campbell.

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Q: What song did Chris Brown sample in Is This Love?
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What song does Chris Brown sample in got nothing but love for you?

with you

When was Sweet Love - Chris Brown song - created?

Sweet Love - Chris Brown song - was created on 2012-04-10.

In the song LOVE do they say 'and' or 'can' love?

Chris Brown.

Did Chris Brown sing a song dedicated to his love?

=== ===

What is the song by Chris Brown with the harmonica in it?

I Love U

What puppet did Chris Brown do a song with?

Chris Brown did a song with Elmo.

What song can you sing when leaving your best friend?

Chris Brown - Time to Love

Who sings the song International Love?

Chris Brown & Pitbull <3 POW !

Who plays the song international love?

Pit bull featuring Chris Brown

Who did Chris Brown make the song crawl for?

he made the song for Rhianna because hes still in "love" with her.

Is it true that Chris Brown stole a song?

No Chris Brown did not steal a song. The song Yeah 3X has a similar beat to a british singer's song, but Chris brown did not steal the song.

Is the song With You by Chris Brown?

Yes, With You was by Chris Brown!