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if you are talking about that scene out of the longest yard the song is called "My Ballz"

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In the song Deja Vu he says that the devil in his ear is telling him he should watch the game between Cowboys and Buccaneers

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Q: What song by eminem talks about football?
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Yes because he talks about how he also wants to kill her

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in this song, em talks about the critical political conditions going on in US when the song was released in about 2005

Does Eminem worship the devil?

no eminem does worship god he raps about bad things but in some songs he talks about his holy life like the song your never over

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The proof is in his song about her. Also doesn't like it when somebody talks about his daughters.

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Drake never dissed Eminem in a song.

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Encore - Eminem song - was created in 2002.

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He talks about 3 women - Lindsey Lohan, Britney Spears and Tonya, a girl he made up.

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