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They learn many skills including, Archery, survival skills (starting fires, knotting etc.), spearing, climbing, camouflage, weights, and so on.

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Q: What skills do they learn in training?
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Features of on the job training?

the emplyees learn new skills

What are some skills that District 12 learn during training.?


What are some skills that district 12 tributes learn during training?


What is the purpose of taking a flight training course?

The simple answer is to learn to fly, to learn airmanship skills. If you want to learn how to fly an aircraft then you will want to take some flight training courses.

How does RN training differ from LVN Training?

RN training takes one to two years longer than LVN training an goes more in depth into nursing skills. LVN's learn basic nursing skills like taking vitals and handling patients. RNs have greater responsibility and more involvement with complex medical procedures. RN training prepares them for this. LVN training is more introductory than RN training. RN training builds on the skills you learn as LVN.

What training is required to become us army?

Your Entry Level Training comes in two phases - Basic Combat Training, and Advanced Individual Training. In BCT, you learn basic soldiering skills. In AIT, you learn the skills necessary for your occupation in the military. Additional training will come as you advance in your career, move up in rank, and take on new responsibilities.

What is LTS literacy training service?

Literacy Training Service (LTS) is a training course where you learn to teach literacy and numerical skills to children. It is part of the University of Philippines.

Objectives of on the job training?

The objective of on the job training is to learn new skills while in your working environment. This means that an employee will not have to train elsewhere.

What can you learn at contractor training events?

The contractor training can give you important skills and knowledge inside the industry, this enables anyone learning the skills to carry out the tasks effectivly and to the recommended professional standard.

How did carpenters learn their trade?

Carpenters can co to a carpentry school. Many learn with on the job training working their way up as their skills progress.

What is a knight in training to learn fighting skills?

R.I.P Tupac Amaru Shakur (Lesane Parish Crooks)

What did Muslim warrior have to learn from skills and training?

they had to learn how to shoot a bow and throw a spear and use a sword and they needed a lot of skill to do all of this stuff

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