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you can go training in Rome police an then go training

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Q: Where can you get training to be a cop?
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What is the difference between police academy training and cop training?

I think that both are almost the same. Cop is a slang term to denote police. So, both cop training and police academy training both have the same meaning.

What do you need to do to be a cop?

all you really need is to have a brain and be strong and pass the training then you can be a cop

What does cop stand for in AERO training?

Common Operating Picture

Do you have to be a cop to be a Special Victims Detective?

Yes it requires police training.

Do you need college to be a cop?

No, you apply and they will call you back and then you go to training.

How much training does a cop need before earning a full salary?

one month

Do you need formal training to be a police?

Yes also it takes a long time to be a cop

What training is needed to be an animal cop?

Ahh I think patience, energy, and to be an animal lover

Could you advise me on how to be a cop?

There is a police academy which prospective officers attend when trying to become a cop. The school will fully train you and send you on necessary training to complete your dream.

What training do i need to be an animal cop?

you need to train animals and to try to stay emotionally controlled.

What did Denzel Washington play a bad cop in?

OODLES CHALLENGE: Denzel Washington played a bad cop in: After looking it up twice. Denzel Washington plays a bad cop in the movie "Out of Time" (2003) July 13,2010 -- What is the movie where Denzel Washington a bad cop...? Answer is still the same: "Out of Time" But GSN OODLES CHALLENGE said :Training Day"

How many hours of training to become a deputy sheriff?

it takes 4 months to be a cop