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Big Show of WWE wears a 22 EEEEE size shoe (or boots).

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Q: What size does WWE big show wear in boots?
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Does Every wwe wrestler's wear lifts in there boots?

Not all wrestler's wear lifted boots. Only the wrestler's that have arched feet wear lifts in their boots.

Does WWE Kane wear lifts in his boots?

Yes, Kane is said to wear a 3 inch lift in his boots to make him look taller.

Who has the biggest shoe size in WWE?

The Big Show.

Is WWE kane in feet 6'7 plus in WWE boots he's 7'0 He wears 3inch lifts and 2inch boots Am I right?

No you are wrong

What is theme song of WWE experience?

This is not actually a full size song but a normal Show Theme / Opening music.

Who is is the hooded man attacking rey mysterio in the WWE?

My best guess this masked man marks the return of Joey Mercury. He did a house show in early April wearing a similar look of boots as the masked man wears and jeans while wrestling. Maybe that outfit in the house show got him prepared to wear it for all the Mysterio attacks. Just my insight on this.

Do WWE divas wear weave?

No. They Wear Their Actual Hair

Do you have to wear tampons for WWE divas?

No, they wear their own tampons.

Why do WWE divas have to wear thongs?

they usaly wear boots and like a short shrirt and shorts or skirts

Can wear WWE merchandise out in public or will that look weird I am WWE fan?


Can you take things from a WWE show?

You can't take thing from the WWE Show it would be aleagly

What are the cheat codes for WWE 12 ps3?

Enter Boots to asses to unlock the rock