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You can't take thing from the WWE Show it would be aleagly

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Q: Can you take things from a WWE show?
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What does the WWE superstars arena look like?

Every wwe show (RAW,Smackdown,ECW) has a hour of a show before the real show starts on TV. there is no real WWE superstar show they take the matches from before the show and put them on tv!

Can you take your WWE repilca belt at house show?

yes you can

Is there any WWE colleges that you can take when you turn 18?

Colleges???? No WWE is a wrestling company with its own TV show

Can you make the WWE divas in the game take off there pants and show Virginia?

No, like that is so gross!

What type of WWE program is on Wednesdays?

There is no WWE show on Wednesdays.

Is big show their in WWE raw 2008 total edition?

there is no big show in wwe total edition

Will any WWE legends be coming back to the WWE?

wwe will release the new WWE network in 2012 and it will feature a legends reality show. can't have a legends reality show without legends.

Is WWE a sport or a show?

mostly just show

Is kelly kelly going to leave WWE?

No anytime soon The WWE just released Kelly Kelly. She wanted to do other things and take some time off from the company.

What does WWE the big show stand for?

wwe= world wide wrestling entertainment. the big show is a show about burlier men than the other burly men.

Who is stronger in the WWE big show or Kane?

Big Show

Where can you download WWE show?