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Laverne & Shirley

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Q: What sitcom has theme your best friend by queen?
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Who sings theme song for carnival fun cruise?

The artist is Queen and the song is called "you're my best friend".

What is the theme song for The Courtship of Eddie's Father?

"Best Friend" (by Harry Nilsson) is theme song fromThe Courtship of Eddie's Father (starring Bill Bixby). Read more about the theme song on the following web site: . Read more about the sitcom here: .

What is the name of the song that queen sings about you are my best friend?

The song is called You're My Best Friend by Queen

Who is Jennifer Aniston's best friend?

Her best friend is Courtney Cox. They met when they were both actors on the TV sitcom Friends for 10 years. In addition, Jennifer Aniston is the godmother to Cox's daughter, Coco.

What is the major theme in confetti girl?

I think the theme is that your best friend is always there for you. Even when you don't know it!

Who was Queen Victorias best friend?

There was Lord Melbourne or John Brown. Other than that there is very little mention in any biography of a "best friend." In the webcomic "The New Adventures of Queen Victoria" her best friend is Liz (Elizabeth I), but that is fiction.

Who is Jennifer Aniston's best friend?

James Bond

What is the fifth song of queen?

You're My Best Friend, released in 1976

Who sing best friend rob and bigs theme song?

Harry Nilsson

Who sings the theme song to rob and big?

The Rob & Big theme song is sung by Harry Nilsson, it is also the theme song to "The courship of Eddies Father a tv show in the 70's.

How visited the queen every tuseday?

her best Friend Jean cross is the person how visit eds the queen every tuseday .

What TV show used 'You are my best friend' by queen?

Will & Grace used the song "You're my best friend" in its series finale.