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degrassi... also known as Nina Dobrev....

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Q: What sitcom had a character named Mia?
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What tv sitcom had a character named snyder?

One day at a time . (Schnyder)

What was the name of a 1950's sitcom with a character named Dexter who was the boyfriend of the main character?

Meet Corliss Archer

What hit TV sitcom featured a character named Rerun?

Freddy "Rerun" Stubbs was a character on the TV show What's Happening!!.

In what sitcom was the character Gunter from?

Gunter is part of the duo of Gunter and Ernst on the animated sitcom, The Simpsons. The pair performs with a white tiger named Anastasia in the Monty Burns Casino.

Who is Mia Talerico and were is she from?

Mia Talerico is the baby who plays Charlie in the sitcom ''Good Luck Charlie'' on Disney Channel.

Which of these was not a character on the sitcom Who is the Boss?

Tony Banta

What was the famous sitcom character Newman like?

The famous sitcom character Newman from Seinfeld was an enemy of the main character Jerry. Newman was a comedic villain, who would do whatever he could to annoy Jerry.

Who said ill have half in a sitcom?

The sitcom was Love Thy Neighbour and the character was Jacko who was played by Keith Marsh.

Who set a record for playing the same sitcom character?

I think Kelsey Grammer has set the record for playing the same sitcom character, he has played Frasier Crane for twenty years.

What is mia talericos sisters name?

Mia Talerico has a sister named Aubrey

What is fictional character of Cosmo Kramer in which television sitcom?


Who is Count Blah?

A puppet character in the sitcom, 'Greg the Bunny'.