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A Craft is useful or serves a function: i.e Pottery or Ceramics are vessels or can be eating utensils; Knitting a sweater produces an article of clothing. Art is produced strictly for aesthetics to be pleasing or to capture an emotion or feeling from the artist.

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Q: What separates the craft object for the art object?
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What is the quality possessed by a work of fine art thats not possessed by a craft or decorative art object?

There may or may not be a difference between "fine art" and "craft" because really the only definable answer is that of the artist's intent behind the piece. Commonly, however, "fine art" is separated from "craft" because the artists intentions behind a fine art piece is usually to express a complex emotion or opinion, whereas the usual intent behind a craft is simply for the sake of making the craft.

Is craft the same as art?

yes craft and art is the same thing

What is the German word for craft in art?

craft in art = Geschicklichkeit im Kunsthandwerk.

Why you love art and craft?

You love art and crafts because it is MESSYEveryone Love's it!Art and craft rocks!

Why you love art craft?

You love art and crafts because it is MESSYEveryone Love's it!Art and craft rocks!

What are Welsh words for 'art'?

celfyddyd (art, craft, skill); ystryw (wile, craft, ruse).

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What is a reputable manufacturer of Art and Craft supplies?

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What is a space craft?

A space craft is an object in space such as a Spaceship or Satellite.

What is the declension of 'artificio'?

The noun 'artificio' may mean 'art, craft, occupation'. It also may refer to 'system or theory of art' or 'work of art'. And it also may mean 'art, cleverness, skill' or 'cunning, craft'. It's a neuter gender noun. The declension in the singular is the following: artificium in the nominative, as the subject of the sentence; artificii in the genitive, as the object of possession; artificii in the dative, as the indirect object of the verb; artificium in the accusative case, as the direct object of the verb; and artificio in the ablative case, as the object of the preposition. In the plural, the declension is the following: nominative artificia; genitive artificiorum; dative artificius; accusative artificia; and ablative artificiis.

What is art versus craft?