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you can probably get styrofoam balls from michels or hobby lobby or any crafts store

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They're a common craft item. Try Michael's or other craft store.

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Art friend at Bras basah complex

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Q: Where can you get styrofoam balls?
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What do you mean by Styrofoam balls?

Small balls made of styrofoam. Craft stores sell them in various sizes.

What is the property called that separates styrofoam balls?

The property that separates styrofoam balls is their buoyancy. Styrofoam balls are lightweight and have air trapped inside, making them less dense than water. This causes them to float on the surface of water, separating them from denser materials that sink.

Where can you buy styrofoam balls?

You can get Styrofoam balls from any craft store. Check Michaels craft store.

Does cvs sell styrofoam balls?


What will happen to Styrofoam balls in boiling water?

No it does not

Will newton's cradle work with Styrofoam balls?

No, because the Styrofoam is to light and won't produce enough kinetic energy. Plus Styrofoam is not a good material for Newton's cradle.

Where to buy larger styrofoam balls in edmonton?

Styrofoam balls (including larger-sized ones) can be found in stores that sell craft supplies, including:WalmartMichaels Arts & CraftsDollarama and other dollar storesDeserres

What are the solar system project materials?

styrofoam balls paint sticks

Does Staples sell styrofoam balls?

Hopefully, i need one too

What are those balls at one direction concerts?

The white balls they throw at the winter part of their concerts are styrofoam balls and are supposed to represent snowballs.

What is the limitation of a model of the solar system using styrofoam balls?

it is too big

Where can you get glitter and styrofoam balls?

You can get these at any craft store, Michaels is usually the best place.