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his religion

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Q: What sacrifice did Josephine Bracken made for being the wife of a hero?
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What was the relation between Adolf Hitler and Josephine Bracken?

Josephine Bracken was the fiancee of Jose Rizal, a Philippine hero, but then died in 1902 and never had any relation with Hitler.

What is the controversy about Rizal?

Dr. Jose Rizal is the national hero of the Philippines. Some controversies that surrounded him were his novels, Noli me Tangere and Il Filibusterismo, his mysterious retraction and his relationship with Josephine Bracken.

Who is josephine bracken?

Marie Josephine Leopoldine Bracken (August 9, 1876 - March 15, 1902) was the fiancee of Philippine national hero, José Rizal. Some believed that she was married to Rizal, although no proof of a civil or church wedding has ever been found. Bracken was born in Hong Kong on August 9, 1876 to Irish parents, James Bracken, a corporal in the British Army, Elizabeth Jane McBride who married on May 3, 1868 in Belfast, Ireland. When her mother died shortly after childbirth, she was adopted by an American named George Taufer. Bracken met Rizal when the latter spent several months in Hong Kong in 1891-92. She later recommended that her blind adopted father see Rizal, who was a respected ophthalmologist. By this time, he was a political exile in Dapitan, on the Zamboanga Peninsula. Although Taufer's condition was beyond Rizal's help, Bracken fell in love with the physician. They were allegedly wed in a civil union,[1] unable to obtain Catholic Church sanction for the marriage. This created a series of minor crises for Rizal as the domestic help, as well as his sisters, who were there to make life more comfortable for him, suspected Bracken, a white woman, of being a Spanish spy. Some say they lived together in Dapitan. The day before his execution on charges of treason, rebellion and sedition by the Spanish colonial government, the Catholic Church claimed that Rizal had returned to his Catholic faith and was married in articulo mortis to Bracken in a religious ceremony, although there has never been proof that this event happened. After Rizal's death, Bracken joined the revolutionaries for a time. When called before the Spanish Governor-General, she was requested to leave the Philippines, which she did, then leaving for Hong Kong.

Is Jesus Christ a Hero or a Villain?

A hero as he sacrifice himself

What are the controversies of Jose Rizal?

Some of the controversies surrounding Jose Rizal include his alleged involvement in the Katipunan revolution against Spanish rule, his romantic relationships with various women, and his critical views on certain aspects of Philippine society, which were deemed controversial by some during his time.

What are the criteria for being a national hero?

Criteria for being a national hero can vary by country, but typically include acts of selflessness, bravery, sacrifice, and significant contributions to the nation's history or development. National heroes are usually individuals who have made a lasting impact on their country and are celebrated for their achievements.

What are the release dates for The Hero - 2013 Sacrifice 1-7?

The Hero - 2013 Sacrifice 1-7 was released on: USA: July 2013

What does a live coward is better than a dead hero mean?

With a dead hero; we learn later what the sacrifice really was, where a with a coward we have yet to see a sacrifice.

What is important for a hero in The Iliad?

Any hero must offer personal sacrifice for the common good.

What was rizal's controversy?

There are many controversies that are still being debated by scholars whether they are true and valid: 1. One of the major controversies regarding Rizal is about the Retraction Document. This document is one of the proofs regarding the friars' claim that Rizal retracted a few days before his execution. Retraction means that he is taking back what he said against the catholic church in the Philippines and the friars. If this were true, it would mean that Rizal went back to become a Catholic again after being a mason in Europe. Some say he did this in order to marry his Irish partner, Josephine Bracken, which leads us to the next controversy... 2. Another controversy with Rizal is whether or not he actually married Josephine Bracken after being a Catholic again. Scholars say that there were no written accounts of the marriage between Rizal and Josephine, but Josephine claims that Rizal actually married him a day before his execution. 3. Another controversy that questions the authenticity of being a national hero of Rizal is whether Rizal was actually in favor of the revolution during that time. Was he a Revolutionist or a Reformist. Did he really wish to free the Philippines from the colonization of Spain, or did he just want to make Philippines a province of Spain? There are many more minor controversies of Rizal during his time: 1. Rizal was a ladies' man 2. Rizal did not take a bath for 3 months during his stay in Spain. 3. Rizal was gay(?) 4. Rizal was stingy 5. Rizal went to casinos and was a drunkard. 6. Rizal as the "Brown Messiah" (there is a group of people called Rizalistas that worship him and claim he was a reincarnate of Jesus Christ and that he would someday live again in this world...) There are also some controversies about the true personality of Josephine Bracken: 1. Her mother was a prostitute. 2. She was a spy of the Spanish government. 3. She was abused by her step father and that the baby she was carrying was not Rizal's but her step father's There are still many more but unfortunately I can't tell them all right now because I have already forgotten it.

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Did Jose Rizal love Josephine Bracken enough to retract from Catholicism?

According to some Philippine Historians, Dr. Jose Rizal was a Mason and Josephine Bracken was a catholic. In as much as they wanted to be married in the Catholic Church, they were never granted the dispensation from the Catholic Bishop of Cebu. Religious intermarriages is not acceptable in the strict practises of the Catholic Church in the Philippines up to present, let alone living together outside marriage. Dr. Rizal's alleged retraction, according to some, was the result of the persuasion of Reverend Superior Balaguer so that Dr. Rizal will not be "eternally condemned" after his execution. Due to Dr. Rizal's brilliance in words and great knowledge of legal documents, he manage to write his retraction in a way that both the Diocesan Prelate and Masonry accepted. He declared himself a Catholic "in which I was born and educated" and that " I abominate Masonry as the enemy that it is of the Church and reprobate by the same." Thus, it may mean that Masonry is an enemy of the church and not his. Therefore, I must conclude, that Josephine Bracken has nothing to do with Dr. Jose P. Rizal's retraction from Catholicism. Although there are some contradicting voices of his viewpoints and strong beliefs which are evident in his writing and the accounts of those who are dedicated and persistent enough to get close to our National Hero, only Dr. Jose P. Rizal knows the truth.