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Well, Vic and Mike are Catholic.

Other than that, I don't know about the other band members.

Update: Jaime is also Catholic and Tony is athiest.

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Q: What religion is pierce the veil?
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When was Pierce the Veil created?

Pierce the Veil was created in 2006.

Who is better pierce the veil or black veil brides?

well i think pierce the veil is the best band!!

Who in pierce the veil has gauges?

Tony does. He is the only member of Pierce The Veil to have gauges.

Is Vic from pierce the veil Mexican?

yes all the members in Pierce the Veil are in fact hispanic

Where did pierce the veil get their name?

The guitarist had a traumatic experience at a wedding where the bride was killed by a thrown knife that pierced her veil hence the name " pierce the veil".

Is anyone from Pierce The Veil married?


When did pierce the veil start?


Is Jaime from pierce the veil dating Vic from pierce the veil?

No. (I wish they were though) Jaime has been dating Jessica Rose for awhile.

Is tony perry from pierce the veil a christian?

It has been said that Tony Perry is an atheist. The rest of Pierce the Veil is supposedly Catholic.

Who is Jamie From Pierce The Veil?

there isn't anyone named "jamie" in pierce the veil but there is a guy named jaime preciado in the band who is the bass player.

Are Pierce the Veil very famous?

Kind of

What is the new single of pierce the veil?