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Cesar Antonio Perry Soto

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Q: What is tony perry from pierce the veil full name?
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What is Tony Perry's Full name. tony perry from pierce the veil?

Cesar Antonio Perry Soto

What are pierce the veil's full names?

Victor Vincent Fuentes, Michael Christopher Fuentes, and Jaime Alberto Preciado. Tony has confirmed that his first and last name are Tony Perry.

Is tony perry from pierce the veil a christian?

It has been said that Tony Perry is an atheist. The rest of Pierce the Veil is supposedly Catholic.

Does tony perry from pierce the veil have a sister?


How old is tony perry of pierce the veil?


How old is Tony Perry in Pierce the veil?

hes 27

What model of the ESP Viper does Tony Perry of Pierce The Veil usually play?

The guitar model Tony Perry of Pierce The Veil is not listed anywhere. you can try asking him via his Twitter page

Who is tony perry's from pierce the veil girlfriend?

Used to be Stephanie Dearing Now he is single

What are the names of the pierce the veil?

Tony Perry, Vic Fuentes, Mike Fuentes, and Jaime Preciado.

Who is the guitarist in Pierce the Veil?

Tony Perry plays Lead guitar. Vic Fuentes plays Rhythm guitar.

How many people are in pierce the veil and what are their names?

4 Vic Fuentes Mike Fuentes Tony Perry Jamie Preciado

Is tony in tony awards an acronym?

The name Tony awards is the common name for the Antoinette Perry Award for Excellence in Theatre. It is not an acronym.