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prefix addition

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Q: What processes was used to form the word movie?
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What processes was used to form the word subculture?

prefix addition

What processes was used to form the word prefabricate?

Prefix addition

What is the improper use of the word seen in a sentence?

A frequently used and very inccorect usage of the word seen is in its past tense form; Wrong I seen that movie. Correct I saw that movie or I have seen that movie.

Is movie a noun?

Yes, the word 'movies' is a noun, the plural form of the noun 'movie', a word for a thing.

Can the word 'insight' be used in plural form?

Can the word 'insight' be used in plural form?

How do you spell phisionlogeity?

The closest words are physiology (life processes) and the adverb form of the word, physiologically.

What is the full form of the word movies?

Movie Theatre

What is the singular possessive form of movie?

Movies is a plural word if referring to a set of movies. However, it is singular if you are talking about going to the movies.

Is the F word used in the movie notebook?

No. The f word is not used in the notebook

How many times is the word transformers used in the first movie?

The first movie was silent and had no subtitles either so the word "transformers" was never used in the first movie. No words were used.

What part of speech is process?

The word process is a noun. The plural form is processes. Example: That was quite a process! Process can also be used as a verb. Example: I can't process what you're saying.

Other than the what is the most used word in movie titles?

The most used word in movie titles is probably the word "the".