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what phrase does Stewie use when he lifts the dumbbell over his head?

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Q: What phrase does Stewie use when he lifts the dumbbell over his head?
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In which episode does Stewie have a head accident?

"Brian Griffin's House of Payne"

Who the football head in family guy?

Assuming the translation of this question is... Who (has) the football (shaped) head in Family Guy... the answer is Stewie and Bertram.

In what episode of Family Guy does Stewie become a squid?

season 2, episode 3 "da boom" where they all service Y2k and head to the twinkie factory. stewie is a squid in that episode.

What does Stewie Griffin look like?

He has a football shaped head. He wears red overalls & a yellow shirt.

What is the best thigh and stomach exercise for a 16 year old?

Im 16 and for stomach abdominal exercises i do this thing i call the 50/50/50 and it works great You do 50 crunches with your feet in the air then straight on to 50 leg lifts and then 50 bicycles without ever stopping you feel some crazy burning at the end of the bicycles when you get better at those and they dont hurt as much start adding weight. Hold a 15-20 lb dumbbell behind your head during the crunches and a 5 lb dumbbell between your feet with the leg lifts I do four sets of these everytime i leave the gym and ive gotten great results

Who is Bertram from family guy?

Bertram is an unborn sperm who meets Stewie and tries to kill him when Stewie attempts to kill Peter's sperm (eventually they become friends). Eventually his sperm is donated to a lesbian couple and their hatred is rekindled and they fight, but bertram loses and runs away. Then Stewie travels to the past because his rivil is going to destroy Stewies ancestor ( Leonardo da Vinci ) to erase stewie from time. But stewie is able to shoot an arrow in Bertrams head and kill him.

What is the prepositional phrase in this sentence A chicken has a comb on is head?

A prepositional phrase is when the phrase starts with a preposition and ends with a noun or pronoun. Therefore the prepositional phrase in 'A chicken has a comb on its head?' is 'on its head'.

Does Stewie die on Family Guy?

Yes & No. Versions of Stewie have died on the show.There was an evil version accidentally created by one of Stewie's inventions that had to be killed.Another clone died of natural causes when his cellular makeup started to degrade.There was an alternate version of Stewie created via a transporter that was shot in the head in Vegas.He killed a time travelling version of himself that tried to warn him about blowing up the life guard tower.

What movie has a scene in the water where a guy lifts a girl over his head?

There is a scene in "Dirty Dancing where Johnny (Patrick Swayze) is showing Baby (Jennifer Grey) how to do a lift in the water. He lifts her over his head several times.

What is the prepositional phrase for FROM HEAD?

The prepositional phrase for "from head" is "from head," indicating the starting point or origin of something.

What is the object of the prepositional phrase of FROM HEAD?

The object of the prepositional phrase "from head" would typically be the noun or pronoun that comes after the preposition "from". For example, in the sentence "The idea came from head," "head" is the object of the prepositional phrase.


Defined as the HEAD (H) + CONSTITUENT. Once I identify the HEAD we can determine the category of the phrase. e.g.: PP (prepositional phrase) “in a box” the head is IN; NP (noun phrase) “a box” on its own is a NP.