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The lost boys, the tribe, the thirst.

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Q: What order are the lost boys movies?
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What are scary movies involving bats?

Fright Night Lost Boys Batman Bats

What are the ratings and certificates for Law and Order - 1990 Lost Boys 19-3?

Law and Order - 1990 Lost Boys 19-3 is rated/received certificates of: USA:TV-14

Is there going to be a lost boys 4?

Well... It is unknown if there will be a fourth, but they shoul one cause the sales of the third one went really well so I hope that there will be a fourth lost boys.

What happened to step- dad from Paradise Lost movies?

In the Paradise Lost movies, the step-dad dies by suicide after falsely confessing to the murder of three boys. He was innocent and his death exposes the corruption of the justice system.

Name FIVE Kiefer Sutherland movies?

Mirrors, Redemption, The Cowboy Way, The Right Temptation, and The Lost Boys..... HA!

How is 'The Lost Boys' the same as 'Peter Pan's Lost Boys'?

no peter pan's lost boys were not in as much danger as the lost boys

When was I Lost It at the Movies created?

I Lost It at the Movies was created in 1965.

What movies has Corey Feldman starred in?

The Lost Boys, The Goonies, Stand by Me, Gremlins, Maverick, Meatballs 4, Voodoo, The Magic Voyage, Stepmonster, Hooking Up, and Busted are all movies that Corey Feldman is in.

What name is given to Peter Pan's young band of followers?

They were the Lost Boys .TootlesNibsSlightlyCurlyThe Twins .

Why did the lost boys of darfur start?

The lost boys, the tribe, the thirst

When was the film The Lost Boys first shown?

The film The Lost Boys an American teen horror, was first shown in July of 1987. It was followed by two sequels, Lost Boys: the Tribe and Lost Boys: The Thirst.

When was The Journey of the Lost Boys created?

The Journey of the Lost Boys was created in 2005.