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They were the Lost Boys .

  • Tootles
  • Nibs
  • Slightly
  • Curly
  • The Twins .
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they were the lost boys

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The Lost Boys

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Q: What name is given to Peter Pan's young band of followers?
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Peter Pans' pooch?

Peter Pans' pooches name in the movie and books was Nana.

Are peter pans parents dead?

Yes, Peter Pan was an orphan.

Who was peter pans enemy?

captain hook

What is peter pans surname?

Pan, you idiot.

Where is Peter pans hideout?

The hollow tree

Who is peter pans enemies?

captain hook

Where is Peter Pans Wendy from?

Wendy in Disney's Peter Pan, is from London, England.

Who was Peter Pans's piratical enemy?

Captain Hook

Who was peter pans arch rivel?

Captain Hook.

What is the name of peter pans treehouse?

Hangman's Tree

What happened to Peter Pans parents?

Peter Pan flew away from home and left them behind.

Who is peter pans wife?

He was married to Wendy