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what oil company did he work for and what years did he work there?

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Q: What oil company did Trace Adkins work for?
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Can a petrochemical engineer work in an oil company?

Petrochemical means petroleum based chemicals. So the place a petrochemical engineer is most likely to get work is an oil company.

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Trace heating is a linear high resistive cable that emits heat under load and maintains a contant temperatur when fixed to water pipes/oil tank etc

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I work for an Oil & Gas company and we use it.

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ExxonMobil who was the most profitable company and second to Shell as the biggest company, in 2009, are both apart of the oil and gas industry which is the third fast growing industry in 2009.

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it is used for a company named petronas, they work in the oil and gas industry

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It is definitely ExxonMobil for technical people (engineers and geos).

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The only financial benefit which I would expect to result from an oil spill is that it could create work for a company that specializes in cleaning up oil spills.

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Yes, an oil and gas company can be part of a conglomerate.

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