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"Phillips 66" is a trademark of the ConocoPhillips oil company, who also operates "Conoco" and "Union 76" stations. That might answer the question; if not, I'm not certain what you mean.

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Q: Where does Phillips 66 stations get their oil?
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Who Owns Phillips 66 Gas Stations?

Phillips 66 owns the Phillips 66 gasoline stations, 76 stations, and Conoco stations too. They also own the Jet brand in Europe. Phillips 66 oil, 76 oil, Conoco oil, Kendall oil, and Phillips 66 Aviation are also owned by Phillips 66.

Does Phillips 66 have gas with no ethanol?

Phillips 66 stations in the Boise & Nampa Idaho areas have gasoline with no ethanol.

Where are non ethanol gas stations in Illinois?

3 locations that I know of.East Peoria: The Phillips 66 on Springfield RoadSpringfield: The Phillips 66 on S 5th Street @ StanfordChenoa: The Phillips 66 on the east side of I-55 (exit 187)You can also get it at Quinn's Shell on Main St in Bloomington.

Who owns Phillips 66 fuel stations?

ConocoPhillips Company owns Phillips 66, as well as Conoco and Union 76, fuel stations. The company will be eight [8] years old on August 30, 2002. Its origins trace back to the merger of Conoco Inc. and the Phillips Petroleum Company, the company of station founders Lee Eldas Phillips and Frank Phillips [November 28, 1873 - August 23, 1950] of Bartlesville, Oklahoma in 1917.

What are the American owned gas stations?

Chevron, ExxonMobile, and Sunoco stations are operated by American owned oil companies. But there are dozens of other American companies that own and operate gas stations throughout the country. Holiday, SuperAmeria, Pilot Flying J, Sam's Club, Casey's, Phillips 66 and many more are American owned gas stations. With the exception of the stations that are owned by foreign oil companies. most gas stations in the United States are American businesses.

What is the symbol for Phillips 66 in the NYSE?

The symbol for Phillips 66 in the NYSE is: PSX.

What is Phillips 66?

If you are talking about the oil and gas company is was a company that was based in Battleville Oklahoma. The Conoco Oil Company merged with Phillips in 2002 then in 2012 turned around and spun off its downstream and smaller assets. So Phillips is an independent company again now based in Houston Texas. My dad used to manage a Phillips 66 station.

Who owns or where does the oil come from for the following gas stations BP Phillips Sunoco Conoco Sinclair and Hess?


Why did Phillips 66 decide to name their motor fuel Phillips 66?

The name of the fuel was disliked. When they tested the fuel on Highway 66 and the car was going a speedy 66 miles per hour (fast for its day). Hence, the name Phillips 66.

Who cleaned up the oil spill in Norway in 1977?

Phillips 66 cleaned up the oil-spill on Ekofisk 2/4 B in 1977.

What is the market cap for Phillips 66 PSX?

As of July 2014, the market cap for Phillips 66 (PSX) is $46,455,940,344.20.

What is the symbol for Phillips 66 Partners LP in the NYSE?

The symbol for Phillips 66 Partners LP in the NYSE is: PSXP.